How it Works 🌟

Welcome toΒ PreHugged BazaarΒ πŸ›’, where selling your kids’ prehugged items is as easy as pie πŸ₯§. Just follow these simple steps to get started:

Create Account
  • Quick Sign-Up – Use yourΒ Mobile NumberΒ linked to WhatsApp for hassle-free sign-up. No passwords, no fuss! πŸ˜„ You can sign up by clicking πŸ‘‰ here
  • Ease First – Your mobile number is used for login and for WhatsApp chats with buyers or sellers.
Purchase Membership 🎫
  • Choose Your Plan – Select from our Membership Plans πŸ“ˆ tailored to your needs. Contact details visibility and posting privileges depend on your active membership.
  • Transparent Dealings – Post listings according to your plan without worrying about hidden fees. WE CHARGE NO COMMISSION! πŸ’Έ
Post your ListingΒ πŸ“
  • Simple Listing Process – Use our user-friendly form to add your listing. Set a fair price to keep PreHugged Bazaar affordable for everyone.
  • Quality Images – Upload clear images πŸ“Έ to make your items stand out. Listings stay active for 30 days unless you Mark as Sold.
Get OffersΒ πŸ’¬
  • Nationwide Visibility – Your listing is now visible all across India. Expect chats from interested buyers via WhatsApp .
  • Stay Safe – Follow our Safety Tips πŸ›‘οΈ & Community Guidelines . Your well-being is our priority.
Sell your Item 🀝
  • Direct Negotiation – Discuss and agree on payment terms and item collection directly with the buyer or seller.
  • Seamless Transactions – We facilitate a platform for you to connect, negotiate, and buy or sell WITHOUT taking a CUT βœ‚οΈ.
RepeatΒ πŸ”
  • Keep Selling – Sold an item? Great! Now, post your next listing. It’s that simple!
  • No Commission – At PreHugged Bazaar, we’re committed to keeping the platform affordable for every parent. That’s why WE CHARGE NO COMMISSION on your sales or purchases.

Keep It All, Pay Nothing!

Sell your prehugged kids' items and keep 100% of the money! πŸ’°
NO COMMISSION - What you sell is what you keep! πŸ’Έ
Just simple, direct transactions with WhatsApp

Still got questions?

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