How To Get Faster Response

πŸš€ We have tried to provide some pointers on how to get faster response.

We’re dedicated to lending buyers & sellers a hand in their PreHugged Bazaar experience, here are a few tips to help you get better and faster response and reach out to more potential buyers & sellers!πŸ‘

We want buyers and sellers to connect with one another to fill one another’s lives with meaningful experiences.

That’s it: 30 seconds of real effort and you may actually make a new friend!🀝

  • Use an attention-grabbing title 🎯 – Creating a unique title which someone might use when searching for the item you are selling, could help get your ad noticed by others. Learn to write convincing product title and description. Write short and clear titles – Buyers will not spend more than 3 seconds to read your title while browsing PreHugged Bazaar listings. Being concise always helps!
  • Use detailed description πŸ’¬ – Provide an apt description that uses key words or phrases. To be effective, potential buyers must be able to locate your ad. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and detail all the necessary info you would want to know before buying it! The more detail you can provide on the item, the more likely it is you will get better leads.
  • Add humour πŸ˜… – Making those who view your ad laugh is likely to set it apart from the pack. Sometimes, if you are lucky, funny ads may go viral, since everyone wants to share a good laugh with family and friends on social media (remember, keep it family friendly)!
  • Listings for sale with photos πŸ“Έ may receive higher quality, more serious replies than those without. Adding well lit, good quality images to your listing for sale will likely help generate buyer interest. Unlike newspaper classifieds, there is no additional cost to post a picture on PreHugged Bazaar, so take advantage and include images on your listings!
  • Turn your images into shop-worthy photos! πŸ›οΈ Make it the center of attraction – Allow buyers to know what you are selling at a glance. No guesses needed.
  • Good lighting, Good photo 🌞 – Sunlight is probably your best friend. Take your time, adjust the angle then snap your shot!
  • Focus on focusing πŸ”Ž – When taking a photo, tap on the area you want to focus on. With clear images, buyers are able to see more details of the item and this helps with the deal.
  • Snap up to 5 photos! 🀳🏻 – Flaunt your item at different angles. Buyers would definitely appreciate being able to see details of the item before they make a decision!
  • Spend the first few seconds thinking πŸ€”πŸ’­ of how you want your listing to catch everyone’s attention when they scroll past it, we’re not kidding when we say that items with attractive cover photos get more views.
  • Place your items in the right category πŸ—ƒοΈ – It allows buyers to find your item easily.
  • People expect used prehugged items to be significantly lower in price than new items πŸ’°
    – Conducting a price comparison on PreHugged Bazaar can help you ensure your item is in line with the current market. Simply type the name of your item in the PreHugged Bazaar search bar to view similar listings and their prices. If you ‘re looking to declutter fast, price your items at a lower price.
  • Price your items fairly βš–οΈ – Take into consideration the condition of your item. How used is it? Is it still working optimally? Any aesthetic damages? Any scratches?
  • If there are no interest shown by anyone for the listing you posted πŸ₯± – review the price and consider editing the price after 7 days.
  • Tell something different about your item 🎭 – a short background story, why you want to sell it, or who you want to sell it to! This helps you to build trust with potential buyers, save your time from answering common questions from buyers, and enable faster and more efficient transactions.

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