5 column shape sorter
5 column shape sorter
5 column shape sorter
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5 column shape sorter

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1. 3 in 1 toy – Shape sorter, Wooden stacker, Seriation puzzle
2. Developing hand-eye coordination: Sorting the shapes into the correct slots requires hand-eye coordination, which helps children improve their fine motor skills.
3. Learning shapes and colors: The shape sorter helps children learn to identify and differentiate between shapes and colors, which is an important cognitive skill.
4. Enhancing problem-solving skills: As children figure out how to fit the shapes into the correct slots, they are developing problem-solving skills and logical thinking.
5. Improving spatial awareness: Sorting the shapes into different slots helps children develop spatial awareness and understand the concept of space.
6. Encouraging creativity and imagination: Wooden shape sorters can also be used for imaginative play, as children can use the shapes for building and creating.
7. By organizing and manipulating objects, children can develop their understanding of concepts like size, weight, and quantity. Seriation puzzles can be a fun and engaging way for children to learn and practice these skills.

Country of Origin : China

Age : Suitable for 1-3 years.
At around 12 months old, children begin to understand basic shapes and colors, and can start to practice their problem-solving skills with a shape sorter. As they continue to play with the toy, they develop more advanced skills such as spatial awareness, logical thinking, and creativity.


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