FlintoBox Pizza Fun
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FlintoBox Pizza Fun


Step 1: On the pizza pan, your child matches and puts pizza slices together. He/she adds the toppings. Healthy pizza is ready to be served!
Step 2: Then using the pizza cutter, your child pretends to cut the pizza. He/she shares pizza slices with others.


1. Logic & Reason: To your child, explain how he/she creates a pizza by matching and putting pieces together; he/she then uses pizza cutter to slice it into pieces.

2. Cognition: Once your child puts the pizza together, teach him/her the different geometric shapes that are formed.

3. Imagination: Ask your child to imagine making a pizza from scratch-add the ingredients, bake the pizza, slice it, and share it with others.

4. Social: Help your child learn about sharing pizza with others, apart from keeping one for himself/herself. He/she is sure to love the idea of sharing.

5. Coordination: As your child puts the pizza together and cuts using a pizza cutter, it involves hand-eye coordination.

Country of Origin : India

Age : Suitable 2+ years

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😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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