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Flintobox Tong activity

β€’ This activity is for your child to pick up the cloth straps with the Tongs
β€’ 2 Tongs are provided so you can make it a 2 player game
β€’ Activities using tongs are great for helping kids develop the strength and coordination they need in the small muscles of the hands – the muscles responsible for cutting with scissors, grasping a pencil, and writing.
β€’ Most importantly, when kids use tongs, they are getting great practice with using the precision side of their hand (the thumb, first and second fingers) to squeeze and release. Learning how to separate this side of the hand from the ulnar side (the fourth and fifth fingers) and learning how to tuck those fourth and fifth fingers into the hand while working with the grasping fingers is key in the progression of fine motor skills.

Country of Origin : India

Age : Suitable 2+ years

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😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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