Hypocrite Cat
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The Hypocrite Cat from Panchtantra Paperback Book

β€’ The Panchtantra is one of the oldest collections of many interesting Indian fables, surviving today.
β€’ This book contains very apt and appropriate stories, related to the world of animals and birds.
β€’ These stories were compiled by the great Indian Scholar, Vishnu Sharma into five main Chapters – ‘Panchtantra’. The primary aim of writing was to educate the three asinine (completely foolish) Princes of King Amarshakti and enable them to learn graceful manners to succeed in their political affairs as well as in their personal life.

Country of Origin: India

Age : Suitable for 7+ years

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πŸ‘ – Good condition
πŸ‘ – All pages intact

πŸ‘Ž – Cover page has fold marks


😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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