Feather The Birds - Wooden Bird
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Feather The Birds – Wooden Bird


Step 1: Your child completes the wings of two wooden birds by sticking feathers of two different colours. Let him/her try out different patterns. Don’t they look colourful?


1. Pattern: Help your child understand that a bird’s wings are made of feathers of different colours, size, etc.
2. Count: As your child fits the feathers on the bird body, help him/her count each colour feather.
3. Sensory: Let your child get a feel of different textures-from wood to feathers. It’s a tactile sensory experience.
4. Cognition: With your child, discuss how birds use the wings to fly. Each wing is made of feathers that help in flight.
5. Coordination: Ask your child to put each feather and take it off. Then, let him/her try to balance the birds on a flat surface. It’s a coordination exercise!

Country of Origin : India

Age : Suitable 2+ years

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😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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