Earn Money 💰 be Environment friendly 🌍 Rehug 🤗 and Recycle ♻️

PreHugged Bazaar is a local community where you can Buy and Sell PreHugged Kids stuff.

Selling / Buying locally is as simple as 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣
1️⃣ Get access to our WhatsApp group by paying ₹ 99/- per Quarter – 3 months here Bazaar WhatsApp Group Access 👈 click here
2️⃣ We add you to the WhatsApp Group within 2 working days
3️⃣ You start selling or buying on WhatsApp! 💃

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We have built this community on WhatsApp and is specific to each city.

For now we are starting with:
§ Bangalore
§ Chennai
§ Delhi – NCR
§ Hyderabad
§ Kolkata
§ Mumbai
§ Pune
§ Rest of India
§ Only Fashion – Pan India

The buying and selling is between parents and we facilitate by giving a common platform to parents

How does it work:
• You can get access to this community by paying a nominal Fee of ₹ 99 per Quarter – 3 months
• Once you are part of the community, you can Buy and Sell PreHugged Kids stuff by yourself

How to sell:
• Post the products on the WhatsApp community by following the pre-defined format as mentioned in the Bazaar Guidelines
• Interested parents will respond on the Group and then you can contact them directly via Private Chat
• Discuss the Product condition, shipping / pickup arrangements via Private Chat
• Buyer will pay you directly during collection of the product or advance if not doing a self-pickup
• PreHugged doesn’t charge any commission or fees for these transactions. It is solely between the Seller and Buyer

How to Buy:
• Parents who want to sell their Kids’ PreHugged stuff, will post the product on WhatsApp community
• If you are interested in buying the same, express your Interest in the Group first
• Contact the Seller via private Chat. Decide on the shipping terms.
• You need to pay the Seller directly either while collecting the product yourself or in advance if pickup/delivery will happen by a Third Party
• PreHugged doesn’t charge any commission or fees for these transactions. It is entirely between the Seller and Buyer

Be part of the community – Pay below for 1 Quarter – 3 month access