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Guess Who I am – Animals Puzzle Set

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Introduce your child to the fascinating world of animals through the engaging and educational Animal Guess Who I Am Puzzle Set. This beautifully designed set includes a two-sided puzzle board, animal cards with pictures, and interactive puzzle pieces that provide hours of entertainment while promoting cognitive development and critical thinking skills.

Key Features:
1. Two-Sided Puzzle Board: The puzzle board features two sides – one with high-quality images of various animals and their names, and the other with enigmatic images that hint at the animals’ characteristics, encouraging kids to make connections between the visual cues and the animals.
2. Animal Cards: The set includes a collection of animal cards, each with a vibrant picture of an animal on one side and a unique pattern or feature related to the animal on the other. These cards serve as clues and enhance the guessing game experience.
3. Interactive Puzzle Pieces: For each animal, there are two corresponding puzzle cards. One card showcases a silhouette of the animal, divided into puzzle pieces. The child can assemble the pieces to complete the animal’s picture, enhancing fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.
4. Educational Benefits: This puzzle set offers multiple educational advantages:
β—‹ Cognitive Development: Encourages critical thinking as children match the visual hints to the correct animal.
β—‹ Vocabulary Building: Helps expand vocabulary as children learn the names of various animals and their features.
β—‹ Fine Motor Skills: Assembling the puzzle pieces improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
β—‹ Pattern Recognition: Children develop pattern recognition skills by identifying animal characteristics from the patterned cards.
5. Quality Materials: The puzzle pieces are made of durable, child-friendly materials that are safe and easy to handle, ensuring a long-lasting learning experience.
6. Engaging Play: The interactive nature of the puzzle set keeps children entertained and curious, fostering a love for learning and exploration.
7. Parent-Child Interaction: The puzzle set provides an opportunity for parents and caregivers to engage with children in a fun and educational activity, strengthening the bond between generations.

Country of Origin : China

Age : Suitable for 2+ years


😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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