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Heroes From The Ramayana Volume 1

Agastya is in search of aid when he reaches the kingdom of the devious Ilvala and Vatapi The rakshasa brothers have a cunning plan to serve Agastya an unforgettable meal.
Jatayu and Sampati love the sky. They soar above the clouds and race against the winds. One day, the inevitable happens and a joyful race turns into a fiery one
Jambhavan is the king of bears and a formidable fighter He has never met anyone who can stand up against him in combat until the day Krishna arrives at his home.
Vall is the king of Kishkindha and rules his kingdom with his brother, Sugreeva, by his side The two brothers look out for each other, until one day, a misunderstanding leads to disaster.

Age : Suitable for 5+ years

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😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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