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SuperDots 10 Washable Dot Markers

Introducing Superdots 10 Washable Dot Markers – the perfect tool to unleash your child’s creativity while ensuring a mess-free and educational experience. These vibrant dot markers are designed to provide a range of benefits that foster learning, artistic expression, and fine motor skills development in a fun and engaging way.

β€’ Vibrant Color Palette: The Superdots 10 Washable Dot Markers set comes with a diverse range of 10 vibrant colors. From bold reds to calming blues, these markers allow children to explore their favorite shades while learning about color recognition.

β€’ Mess-Free Creativity: Say goodbye to worries about stained clothes and surfaces. These dot markers feature washable ink that can be easily cleaned from skin, fabrics, and most surfaces. This encourages your child to freely express their artistic ideas without causing any lasting mess.

β€’ Educational Exploration: The Superdots set goes beyond simple coloring. They are perfect for teaching fundamental skills like counting, letter and number recognition, and basic math. Engaging in educational activities using dot markers adds an interactive and exciting element to learning.

β€’ Fine Motor Skills Enhancement: Watch your child’s fine motor skills flourish as they manipulate the markers to create dots, patterns, and shapes. This precise activity aids in hand-eye coordination and control, important skills for handwriting and other future tasks.

β€’ Cognitive Stimulation: The act of creating patterns, designs, and shapes with dot markers stimulates cognitive development. Children learn about symmetry, spatial relationships, and visual discrimination in an intuitive and enjoyable manner.

β€’ Sensory Engagement: Superdots markers offer a tactile experience that captivates young learners. The sensation of pressing the markers onto paper and seeing the colors emerge provides a sensory exploration that’s both educational and enjoyable.

Country of Origin : China

Age : Suitable for 1+ years.


😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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