Musical Donkey
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The Musical Donkey – Karadi Tales Paperback Book

• Dhondu the donkey thinks he is a wonderful singer. His friend Juno the jackal thinks otherwise. And one night, Dhondu discovers a field of cucumbers and cannot help singing in joy.
• Find out how Dhondu’s irresistible urge to sing lands him in big trouble!

• Karadi Tales is an independent children’s publishing house based in Chennai, India focusing primarily on picture books and audiobooks.
• Karadi Tales’s products have won several accolades worldwide.
• Karadi Tales’ pictures books have found a wide audience all over the world.
• These books are now available in a number of different foreign editions, including Korean, Mandarin, Bahasa, German, French, and Spanish.

Country of Origin: India

Age : Suitable for 7+ years

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😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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