Magnetic Veggie Basket
Magnetic Veggie Basket
Magnetic Veggie Basket
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Magnetic Veggie Basket

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Introducing the “Magnetic Veggie Basket” – a delightful and educational playset designed to ignite your child’s imagination and creativity while offering a host of developmental benefits. This charming wooden toy brings the excitement of the kitchen right into your child’s hands, making learning through play an enriching experience.

1. Imaginative Play: The “Magnetic Veggie Basket” invites children to step into the role of a little chef, allowing their imaginations to flourish as they embark on culinary adventures in their make-believe kitchen.
2. Fine Motor Development: Watch as your child’s fine motor skills blossom! With a wooden knife and magnetic vegetables, they can practice slicing and dicing, fostering hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
3. Healthy Eating Exploration: Use this toy to introduce your child to a colorful array of vegetables. Encourage discussions about nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet as they play.
4. Problem-Solving Fun: The magnetic feature adds an element of problem-solving. Children can experiment with attaching and detaching the vegetable pieces, enhancing their cognitive skills.
5. Social Interaction: Invite friends or siblings to join in the fun. Sharing and cooperative play are essential social skills that can be nurtured through this interactive toy.
6. Safe and Sturdy: Crafted from high-quality, child-safe wood, the “Magnetic Veggie Basket” prioritizes safety without compromising on durability, ensuring hours of safe playtime.
7. Educational Play: Use the set to teach colors, shapes, and basic math concepts. Divide veggies into halves to make learning engaging and enjoyable.
8. Easy Cleanup: When playtime is over, cleanup is a breeze. The magnetic vegetables can be easily gathered and stored in the included basket.

Country of Origin : China

Age : Suitable for 1+ years


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