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Navaratri Combo – Day 6

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Day 6 Combo – Wooden Educational Delights

🧩 Number Tetris Puzzle:
The Number Tetris Puzzle is a fantastic way to introduce young learners to numbers and counting.
Place the wooden number pieces on the tray with matching silhouettes, allowing kids to learn numbers and their corresponding object counts while developing spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

🐟 10 Fishing Magnets Set:
Dive into the world of numbers and magnetic fun with the 10 Fishing Magnets set.
Each magnet is numbered, and kids can use a magnetic stick to catch fish with corresponding numbers, creating an engaging and educational fishing adventure.

πŸ”΅ Circle Lacing Toy:
The Circle Lacing Toy provides a hands-on experience for fine motor skill development.
With a wooden circle and lacing thread, children can practice lacing and unlacing, enhancing hand-eye coordination and fostering creativity.

These wooden educational toys are designed to make learning numbers and fine motor skills enjoyable and interactive, creating an educational and entertaining Day 6 of Navratri.

Age : Suitable for 2+ years


😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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