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Dora the Explorer – A Birthday for Boots – Hardcover

Dora and friends are preparing for a birthday party including prepping 10 goody bags which seem to
be disappearing.

Quick! Count the goody bags before Swiper hides them all!

Exposing your child to numbers and basic math skills is just as important as establishing a solid foundation of letters and words. “A Birthday for
Boots” reinforces counting skills and introduces children to the concept of basic subtraction.

As you read through the book, ask your child to describe the pattern that occurs: with each page or two, Swiper snatches a party treat. The first time you read the story, count
the goody bags before and after Swiper swipes them. On subsequent readings, ask your child to predict what number comes next.

Age : Suitable for 3+ years

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Country of Origin: UK


😞 Sold out! Why not look for something else

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